As an interior designer with nearly two decades’ experience in the interior design industry across Geelong, Topic Builders is excited to have Jacquie Tregea from VIDA Design on board our team.

Supporting our planners and builders, Jacquie brings that extra level of personalisation to our luxury home building expertise. Her experienced and thorough eye brings our clients house plans from their imagination into stunning reality.

After completing a Diploma of Interior Design in 1999, Jacquie worked across a variety of projects with diverse concepts, locations and budgets, developing a broad and unique understanding of interior design principles.

She stays up to date with current trends, with an eye to the future, ensuring your home remains elegant and stylish over time. Jacquie specialises in the personal – she regularly meets with clients throughout the joinery planning and selection stage, including recommending colour and custom finish decisions to give our homes a stand-out, timeless appeal.