Sustainable building is one of the catch-cries of the building industry today and when it comes to sustainable new home builders in Geelong, Topic Builders sets the bar high.

With our own in-house architect and an expansive portfolio overflowing with Geelong house designs that fulfil sustainability requirements, Topic Builders is the obvious choice for people in the market for high-quality but affordable new homes. From initial consultation with our builders, through to final handover, Topic is committed to deliver on its sustainable new home promise.

There is no precise definition for what constitutes a sustainable home but for our new home builders in Geelong a sustainable house is one which involves minimal environmental impact in its creation, requires minimal ongoing resources to function at maximum efficiency and involves minimal costs but maximum comfort and enjoyment for its occupants.

The Modern Rammed Earth Home by our Geelong builders is just one of the numerous sustainable homes in Topic Builders’ portfolio, as is the Natural Elements Home. Please take the time to learn more about both new home designs, and the numerous other house designs in our portfolio.

Our architect Buck Grgic further enhanced our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly building practices by completing the Housing Industry Association GreenSmart professional course in 2015. The knowledge Buck and Topic Builders have acquired from the course will further bolster and inspire our concept house designs for Geelong and surrounding coastal areas.

Australian businesses are preparing for the ongoing effects of climate change and Topic Builders is no different. But while many businesses implement sustainable practices for their own benefit, Topic’s approach works primarily for our clients.

Our focus on building new homes that will cope with the impact of climate change predominantly benefits our clients who will be able to live in relative comfort, knowing their home is largely impervious to the effects of climate change and will have had a minimal role contributing to climate change.

If you’d like to talk to a builder in Geelong who focuses on sustainable new homes with a minimal environmental footprint, then make sure you get in touch with Topic Builders. Please also contact us if you have questions about any of our building services or our unique offer of a two-stage new home for Geelong and district new home builders.