At Topic Builders & Architects, our split-level home and house designs make the most of a sloping block. Our home builders know how to make the most of a steep site, and the Geelong house plans steps back progressively to follow the site contours to minimise site excavation.

The Modern Split-Level Home has the living area located over the garage to obtain panoramic views. The design featuresĀ a wide-eaves structure to control the seasonal sun, Austral Artique split-face blockwork on the blade walls and recycled timber posts in the covered alfresco area. At Topic Builders & Architects, our Geelong architects have created the perfect house designs for sloping and steep blocks; indeed once the site is cut and filled and landscaping is completed, the site appears almost flat.

If you need to find the experts to provide you with sloping block house designs, contact the experienced and professional team at Topic Builders & Architects, Geelong.