The design of the Natural Elements Home created by our builders in Geelong is based on the core elements we find in nature – fire, air, earth and water. To keep true to that theme, materials such as Rammed Earth, Corten steel, Alucobond, polished concrete and recycled timber have been used throughout.

The front facade of the home has been designed to be minimalist in detail. The rustic Corten steel roof floats above the Geelong Rammed Earth and recycled timber walls which extend out. Large eaves provide protection over the entrance and the facade draws you into what lies beyond.

To maximise opportunities for views from the rear living and entertaining areas, Rammed Earth walls have been angled outward on each side to open up the home. In addition, these walls have been extended out to six metres, providing privacy and protection from the elements. A full 3.6-metre-high curtain wall of windows across the entire north facade provides unobstructed opportunities for views and allows natural light to flood the home.

The “skillion” or sloped roof has been designed to float clear over the Rammed Earth walls to create an open pavilion while the large eaves are designed to provide shading at optimal solar performance. The covered alfresco incorporates an adjustable Vergola opening roof system. This allows natural light entering the home to be controlled by opening and closing the shutters. The living and family areas feature a dramatic gas fireplace with the canopy suspended from the ceiling.

As with all Geelong house designs by Topic Builders, our skillion roof house design makes the most of the natural environment. Orientation and window placements maximise energy efficiency and allow cool breezes to ventilate the home. Low-maintenance cement sheet Stria cladding has been used to the east and west facades.

Principal Geelong architect: Buck Grgic