The Rammed Earth Skillion Roof home showcases our builders expertise when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind home designs in Geelong, combining materials and layout for maximum visual effect and minimal environmental impact.

Our home designers love using rammed earth, not only for the gorgeous natural colours and textures it adds to our homes, but for its excellent insulation and energy saving properties.

The Rammed Earth Skillion Roof home features a stunning façade, combining earthy colours and materials with modern home design. We love how the angled rammed earth feature wall at the home’s entry acts as a seamless connection between inside and the outdoors, while the 2.7-metre to 4.2-metre-high skillion ceiling really opens-up the kitchen, dining and living area. Low-maintenance Axon cladding provides an eye-catching visual texture for the façade.

Another rammed earth wall extends from the living area out onto the rear deck, giving the home a clean flow from inside to outside. The deck provides a comfortable year-round entertainment area, accessible via sliding doors from the open kitchen, dining and living space. Highlight windows above the wall give the home a lovely, open pavilion feel.

The large master bedroom and ensuite have been designed with modern luxury in mind, including a walk-in double shower, with a view onto a private screened courtyard. The home features a second, self-contained bedroom with an ensuite accessible by locking internal door.

Our builders understand the importance of building environmentally sustainable modern homes, and the Rammed Earth Skillion Roof home is no exception. The home’s orientation, cedar shiplap cladding, rammed earth, skillion roof eaves and double glazing is designed to maximise solar heating and increase natural energy saving properties.