One of the primary objectives of Topic Builders & Architects is to design environmentally friendly houses. By using a sustainable house design you can achieve the most practical assistance available from the natural environment.

Professional design elements and sustainable architecture will ensure your eco-friendly home is cost-effective to run and impacts on the environment as little as possible. Solar panels are often used along with low-voltage downlights and environmentally sustainable timbers. All rainwater is collected via sealed systems and diverted to on-site tanks. The correct alignment of double-glazed windows will control natural sunlight and cross-ventilating breezes. Crucial placement of living areas and well-designed structuring of eaves will also reduce your power bills and minimise your environmental footprint and provide you with sustainable housing.

Topic Builders & Architects are proud to design and construct sustainable homes with a six-star minimum energy rating and have a genuine commitment to quality architectural home designs and the use of eco-friendly materials and building practices.

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