At Topic Builders, we want to offer the highest possible level of customisation for your home – inside and out. We’ve partnered with a local Geelong interior designer to provide a unique, personal and experienced interior design service for new homes in Geelong and the surrounding coastal areas.

Working with Jacquie Tregea from VIDA Design, we offer professional interior design, adding a custom touch that completes your dream home. With almost 20 years’ experience in the interior design industry, and having worked on projects across Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast, Jacquie has an eye for the finer details.

Our clients generally do their homework before they come to us, and are aware of the interior design marketplace and concepts. We help clients bring their ideas from their Pinterest board to reality, fine-tuning materials and colour selection to achieve a high-quality look and feel that meets budget expectations.

We also understand that many professionals are busy with work, kids and life in general, and don’t have the time to properly invest in choosing and finalising all finishes. That’s where we can help – our interior designer co-ordinates everything on your behalf.

Jacquie is at the forefront of interior design trends and aware of the current future marketplace, allowing Topic Builders to offer a huge selection of new and different products as part of our new home builds.

Interior design works hand-in-hand with our builders and architects, building on our reputation as boutique custom home builders. When it comes to selecting joinery, we can help you choose the right products and custom finishes for a unique overall feel.

From your bathroom vanities to kitchens, studies, laundries, powder rooms and ensuites, we know how different types of joinery can be used to bring out the best in your home. We’re ahead of the latest trends, including custom fireplaces featuring floating units and concrete panels, as well as TV entertainment units. We can work with 2-pak, laminate, vinyl wrap and more.

All our joinery planning and selection includes ergonomic considerations, from fully extendable drawers to cupboards with pull-out units.

We work closely with clients throughout the interior design process, including regular meetings to ensure our team is meeting the client’s expectations. We arrive at the initial consultation with basic concepts, which are developed and fine-tuned in a second meeting, before being confirmed and finalised with a colourboard for handover at a final meeting.