Geelong home builders

Dear Adrian,

We are writing to let Topic Builders & Architects know how much we appreciate all you have done for us. As you know, we have never had the opportunity to build our own home before. People who had built before warned us to expect problems, delays and general stress. We were prepared for the worse…and got the best.

The initial stages were with your consultant who took great care to ensure we were happy with every detail. He nursed us through the legalities and spent many hours planning our home. He assured us we would receive a very personal service and be involved with every stage of building. We doubted this exceptional service would continue once we signed the contract, but how wrong we were. Not only were we treated as if we were your most important clients, our home was built with none of the delays, problems and stress we had been warned of.

It progressed much faster than we could ever have hoped for. The quality and workmanship have been first class. We would have no hesitation in recommending Topic Builders & Architects to anyone, in fact we wouldn’t have anyone else build a home for us. With all the builders and big names available we consider ourselves very fortunate to have chosen you.

We arrived seven months ago from England with the dream of building our own home. Not only have we fulfilled that dream, it has been a wonderful experience that we have really enjoyed. We can’t thank you enough for all your help, consideration and a first rate service.

Gerard and Coleen McCabeGeelong

Newtown home builders

To the Topic Builders & Architects team,

From initial contact to handover, our experience with Topic Builders & Architects was extremely positive.

Designing a contemporary Newtown property to meet our expectations on a relatively small block (approximately 345 square metres) whilst a challenge, was achieved with great success. Our requests were received well and where possible, initiated. The inevitable changes of mind along the way were accepted amicably.

The building process requires considerable cooperation and coordination. The Topic team was able to accomplish both with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

Our home exhibits a high level of quality. A consequence of the utilization of very particular and proud craftsmen and products throughout. A caring family business; caring about their business, caring about their clients.

Ralph and Heather SinclairNewtown

Geelong home designs

Dear Adrian, Buck and Peter,

Just a brief note to express our sincere gratitude to Topic Builders & Architects for the beautiful home you built on our land in Wandana Heights.

Your design ideas, workmanship, friendly counsel and customer service were all of a high and commendable quality. All of these features have ensured a quick sale in quite trying and economic times.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your business to any future Geelong home builder.

Thank you again.

Roselyn and Glen SmithGeelong

Geelong builders

Dear Adrian,

Just a short note to let Topic Builders & Architects, Geelong, know how thoroughly impressed we are with our new house in Geelong. It was nice to come across a builder who cared as much, if not more, for our home than we do.

The service and workmanship was of the highest standard possible and we are unable to find a single flaw with our new home.

Justin Hamling and Melanie KnevittGeelong

Barwon Heads home builders

Dear Adrian,

Thank you very much for the great effort that you and the team at Topic Builders & Architects put in, from first consultation through to handover of keys. There were no delays or hitches throughout the project. I think you were pouring the foundations two days after I signed up, yet workmanship and attention to detail were always very evident from the many visits I made to the site. I very much appreciated being regularly involved in the progressive design and construction process, on a weekly basis. All discussions were conducted in a very polite professional and transparent manner, but in a family-like atmosphere. By the time we approached conclusion I felt comfortable just turning up at your office to have a chat rather than talk business.

I was pleased to have direct contact with a selection of your recommended trade and furnishing suppliers that listened and implemented my personal preferences to help achieve a custom Barwon Heads beach house that felt like home the day I moved in.

Well, thanks again guys and keep up the good work.

Ross WithersBarwon Heads

Geelong house designs

Dear Adrian,

Now that we’ve been in the house a few months, we love it even more, so I thought that it was time to write you a short note of appreciation for the work that you did to build our lovely house.

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with some colleagues at work, when one of them began to tell a sorry tale of her house construction. She had chosen a well-known Melbourne builder for her dream home, but the dream had become a nightmare. As I sat back and listened to the tale of shoddy workmanship and poor customer service, I thought to myself, “Thank goodness we chose Topic Builders & Architects to build our home”.

From the moment that we entered your offices during our search for a builder, we were treated with courtesy and respect.  Pete, your customer liaison person, was great.  Nothing was too much trouble for him, even though we made it clear that we were still considering our options in terms of builders.  What impressed us most, though, was what we saw as Pete drove us around Geelong, showing us your previous work.  Without exception, if we passed a Topic house and the owner was outside, they would immediately wave to Pete and invite us in to see the house. That, in itself, spoke volumes to us about how you conducted your business. Now that you have built our house, if Pete ever passes this way with prospective clients, we’ll certainly be happy to have them in to see your work.

Your professionalism, advice, and service and that of your site supervisor, Paul, were exemplary. You all worked together to produce a great outcome and you cared about what you did.  We knew that our house wasn’t just another job to be done as quickly as possible so that you could move onto the next one. We had the feeling that each house you build is like a baby to you and you want to make sure that it is born into the world in the best possible way.

Then there’s your architect, Buck. One of your strengths is that you have your own Geelong architect, with whom you work in harmony because you complement each other – his designs and your building techniques.  Even though we only had vague ideas of what we wanted (ie “put all the living areas on one level and take advantage of the views” was about the extent of our instructions to him), it didn’t take long for Buck to come up with a design that we loved. His design ideas, even for the smallest detail, were great.

Unlike my work colleague above, we experienced no poor workmanship or indifferent customer service. Your tradesmen have worked for you for a long time; they understand well the high standards that you expect and they deliver to that high standard. Of course, there were the inevitable unanticipated problems that came up during the building of our house, but these were minor and resolved quickly.

We have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone contemplating building a home.

Domenico and Kelly LombardoGeelong